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Myustadji online platform provides amazing classes on a wide range of subjects based around the Sikh culture and background. Join us today to learn more about Sikhi and improve your talent in Indian classical music.

Tabla Classes

Learning and mastering the tabla is a journey that allows individuals to immerse themselves in the rich musical traditions of India and beyond.

Vaja Classes

Learn Vaja with us, its an Indian anchient and traditional music intrument. We provide the classes with well experience teacher.

Learn Vocal

Developing your vocal skills can be a rewarding journey. Whether you're interested in singing for personal enjoyment or pursuing a professional singing career.


"Gurbani" and "Santhia" are terms that are closely associated with Sikhism. Join our excellent classes to learn Punjabi culture.

Sikhi Studies

Sikh Studies, we focuse on the history, philosophy, culture, and spirituality of Sikhism including Seva, kirtan, life style etc.

Punjabi Culture

Punjabi studies includes, grammar, and script Gurmukhi, including poetry, prose, and drama.

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Myustadji Online helps students to learn about sikhi & Indian culture. Our main motive is to teach sikhi over the world!! We donot disobey any religion The God is one and we respect every religion.

Learn 'Tabla' online

The tabla is a highly versatile and widely recognized instrument that originates from the Indian subcontinent. We provide the best classes with well experience teacher for all individual, group, age and communities.

We have Certified Tabla Teachers

Online Lessons for All Ages

Covers All the Levels


'Vaja' Online

Vaja is auspicious band played by Indian during religious ceremonies. We provides session on all five musical elements of life (earth, water, fire, air & ether) and all five instruments, Sahanai, Dholaki, Jhurumma, Domaha and Tiamko.

Well Experienced Teacher

Covers all elements

Available for all Age & Groups


'Vocal' Online classes

Consider taking lessons from a qualified vocal teacher. Myustadji instructor can provide you with personalized guidance, correct your technique, and help you progress more effectively.

We focus on Warm-Up Exercises

Works on Breath Control

Teaches Scales and Vocal Exercises


'Santhia & Gurubani'

Practice of learning and reciting the sacred hymns and verses from the Guru Granth Sahib, the central religious scripture of Sikhism with us online.

We focus on divine & spiritual wisdom of Sikh Gurus

Practice of learning & reciting Gurbani

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This question seeks information on the types of payment we accept, such as Bank transfers or PAY Pal.

Yes 100%, we use encryption and compliance with payment card industry (PCI) standards.

No, we dont charge any extra amount except for material fee if student needed by post.

We provide payment reciept and e-mail confirmation.

Yes, Payment plan or Installation is available only in yearly plan.

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