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Our classes will provide a window into the enchanting world of Punjabi music, where the rhythmic beats of dhols and the soulful tunes of traditional instruments will come alive. Participants will not only learn to appreciate the melodies but also discover the cultural stories woven into each note. Furthermore, we will delve into the spiritual realm of Gurmat Gurbani, offering profound insights into Sikh philosophy, teachings, and the soothing recitation of Gurbani hymns. These classes are a gateway to understanding the essence of Sikhism, a religion of love, equality, and unity.

Punjabi language, its script (Gurmukhi)

Punjabi Sufi Music : Gurubani, Kirtan, Gurmat

Instruments: Tabla, Harmonium, Tumbi.


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Myustadji provides a modular structure to groom students in zero stress environments and educate them in Indian Culture, Classical & western Music and Musical Instrument including Sikhi, Gurmat, Gurubani, Punjabi Etc..


Our teacher has great understanding of tabla playing, including various rhythms (talas), techniques, and traditional compositions.


We develop a structured curriculum for your Vaja course and start with foundational lessons and progress to more advanced topics.


Join us !! if you are looking to improve your singing for personal, performance, for a specific project like recording or auditioning?.

String instruments

Create a dedicated practice space with good lighting and minimal distractions. Ensure that your instrument is properly tuned.


We provides best platform for Santhia & Gurbani, focus on proper pronunciation and text, essential aspect of Sikh religious.

Sikh Studies

Sikh Studies often involves the study of Punjabi language and Gurmukhi script, where we closely teach with Sikh culture and religious texts..

Frequently Ask Question

1. What kind of musical classes we offer?

We offer a wide range of online musical classes, including [Tabla, Harmonium, Vaja, Piano, Guitar, Voice, and more]. You can contact us for more details.

Our classes are open to learners of all ages, group, age and skill levels, from beginners to advanced.

To enroll in a class, visit our website, browse our course offerings, and click on the course you're interested in. Follow the enrollment instructions and complete the payment process..

Typically, you'll need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a stable internet connection. Specific requirements may vary depending on the course. Details will be provided upon enrollment..

Class durations and schedules vary by course. You can find this information on the course page when enrolling.

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